Screenwriter: Aidi Vallik
Cinematographer: Elen Lotman
Production Designer: Getter Vahar
Costume Designer: Jaanus Vahtra
Producer: Evelin Penttilä
Feature / 100 min

In a distant village, a group of children spend their summer playing in an old abandoned collective farm. One day the owner of the place finds the kids playing on his estates and orders the local guard Elmar not to allow the children on the site anymore. The kids are sad and upset, but soon enough decide to ignore the ban and return to continue their games. Children trick Elmar to run into a steep pit in the ground, which they have disguised with branches and leaves. They leave him to the pit and give an oath never to mention Elmar to anyone – he becomes a secret asset to their game.

The Sleeping Beast has received the production support from Estonian Film Institute and Estonian Cultural Endowment, development support from Creative Europe Media and will go into production in summer 2020.